Update-2017 Political Party forestry commitments comparison

An update comparison of the current (April 24th) BC Liberals, BC NDP and BC Greens election platform commitments regarding forestry are presented in Political forestry commitments-2017 election-update.  Overall, the commitments are a major disappointment but the BC NDP and BC Greens have a few interesting suggestions.  The BC Liberals have adopted a status quo approach.  In summary:

The BC Liberals, BC NDP and BC Greens have identified:

  • Market access as one of their priorities
  • A desire to increase the Secondary (value-added) Wood Manufacturing Sector which would add to the economic diversity of communities

The long-term forest stewardship commitments vary between the Parties:

  • The BC Liberals have made short-term commitments to long-term forest stewardship as reflected in initiatives introduced in the latter part of 2016 and early in 2017 prior to the election call plus a new commitment to addressing the bark beetle issue in the northern interior
  • The BC NDP has only one specific commitment to long-term forest stewardship and that is reflected in expanding investments in reforestation
  • The BC Greens have focused on changes to forest management infrastructure as part of generating sustainable long-term forest management but have not identified specific forest management actions.