Forest Resources Inventory

HFHC initiative

It is in the best interest of BC communities to insist on having a robust and detailed forest inventory of Crown land in their region to meet their resiliency needs as discussed in

The forest inventory is commonly thought to be primarily used to determine the Allowable Annual Cut (AAC). However, it is also used by 8 Ministries, 2 Crown Corporations, the forest industry, First Nations and NGOs in a wide range of economic and conservation decision-making. Consequently, it is fundamental to a variety of resource stewardship decision-making.

Failure to have an inventory that identifies the composition of the forest in sufficient detail and accuracy for strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making puts the community and the Government in jeopardy of not being able to address current issues (e.g., Old Growth Conservation) or the potential for being surprised by unforeseen future events (e.g., watershed floods). This was recognized by Government when they commissioned the “Blue Ribbon Forest Inventory Review Panel” in 2018 to review the current inventory Program and provide recommendations to improve the database and Program ( The report identified 16 recommendations to be implemented over a period of years in bringing the forest inventory to the necessary standard to address current issues and future unforeseen events. Implementation of these recommendations is essential and should be a priority for the MFLNRORD budget allocations.