Balancing Values

In today’s world, communities and forest land stewards are challenged to meet short-term demands.  However, care is needed to ensure the long-term impacts are not forgotten during decision-making.

An overall objective in providing information, opinions, and suggestions through the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities (HFHC) initiative is contributing to “a forest sector that manages the BC Forest Asset under the principles of long-term forest stewardship and balancing values as a cornerstone for moving toward community resiliency.”


A standard question in resource stewardship decision-making should be, “Is this decision contributing to this objective for the benefit of communities, industry, families and future generations?”

HFHC is a non-partisan, independent initiative that facilitates consultation and dialogue with forest resources experts, communities, and forest professionals regarding the future of BC forests. The focus is on supporting decision-makers and communities in areas regarding the future of their local/regional forests.

HFHC Operating Principles

Submissions must:

  • Be respectful and non-partisan.
  • Seek to integrate perspectives on the community needs from BC’s forests in the future, balancing ecosystem integrity, economics, and social/cultural values.
  • Be comments based on supporting evidence, analyses and expert opinion or clearly identified that they are personal opinions.
  • Not be developed or presented as a campaign for any single interest.