Diversification - Healthy Forest-Healthy Communities (HFHC)

Diversified local/regional forest resources economies

As forest dependent communities struggle with an uncertain future and tough economic times, it requires deployment of the limited available resources in an efficient and effective manner. This is best achieved through a strategic approach to the issue, beginning with identifying or confirming a community resiliency vision and goals that is based on the natural resources in the region and sustainable markets that would justify their viability.

Balancing the use and conservation of local/regional forest resource values must be considered throughout the decision-making process and implementation of a diversification strategy as discussed in https://www.bcforestconversation.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/An-approach-to-community-diversification.pdf. An economic and market analysis of the potential forest resources businesses would be a desirable contribution to a realistic community vision. This would avoid “wishful thinking” that commonly occurs among various resource advocates and strengthens the decision-making regarding creation of resource industry businesses in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities. Given communities have limited funding, Government would benefit and achieve their goals from providing financial and guidance support in identifying strategic actions to move toward economic diversification and community resiliency.