Community Knowledge

Community Knowledge - Healthy Forest-Healthy Communities (HFHC)

Forest education is critical in effectively responding to proposed government and industry actions and activities to deliver on a community vision for the local/regional forest. The HFHC initiative has been, and continues to be, active in providing independent input and education directed at creating a knowledgeable public that will influence and respond to decision-makers’ actions leading to community resiliency. There a many opportunities to increase a person’s knowledge regarding forests and forestry as outlined in

Forest knowledgeable communities
A considerable amount of basic forest information for layperson consumption is available through short (<6 minute) videos in Forest sector video-description links on BC forestry and wood products. Unfortunately, not all aspects of forests, forest management, land use, etc. are available in this mode but the gaps can be partially filled through written information on various websites.

The assumption is that those not familiar with the sector will find it difficult and time consuming to search through the websites to get the necessary information to become informed about a subject. HFHC will attempt to keep these references updated as more videos and website links are identified.