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Forests and climate change

Johathan Bruno describes the relationship between forests and climate change.  “It is not as simple as leaving our forests standing.  Although his view is related to Colorado forests, it applies to BC  forests as well, especially interior forests. Worth a read at

How timber harvesting areas determined

Paul Schuetz outlines in  How are timber harvesting areas determined the steps BC operations foresters must take before an area is approved to harvest.  Non-foresters are provided with independent and knowledgeable information about forest planning. Paul is VP and General Manager of Forestry Operations at Industrial Forestry Service Ltd.  For the past 27 years Paul has managed large-scale forestry projects for both industry and government clients throughout Western Canada. The article was previously posted in the Truck Logger BC-Winter 2022 edition.

How do trees talk to one another?

Dr. Suzanne Simard in the TED talk  provides an excellent description of the research work she and her colleagues have done regarding how trees exchange nutrients and awareness of up coming disease attacks through their roots.

Scientific research is intended to inform forest management policy and practices.  Foresters are confronted with many challenges planning and implementing actions to achieve long-term forest stewardship.  The process involves balancing environmental, economic, social and cultural values.  The challenge in the case of the research provided by Dr. Simard should be how to include this knowledge as a serious part of the input into the forester’s decision-making but not necessarily the only component in the decision.