A Conversation on BC Forests

In today’s world, communities and forest land managers are challenged to meet short-term demands.  However, care is needed to ensure the long-term impacts are not forgotten during decision-making. 

An overall objective in providing information and advice through the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities (HFHC) initiative is contributing to “A forest sector that manages the BC forest under the principles of long-term forest stewardship being a cornerstone for regional community diversification as a major contributor to community resiliency.”

A standard question in resource management should be “Is this decision contributing to this objective for the benefit of communities, industry, families and future generations?.”

The HFHC initiative began in 2011 based on a wide range of interests questioning the future of BC forests, if the current practices and policies were to continue.

HFHC is a non-partisan initiative that facilitates consultation and dialogue with forest forest resources experts, communities and forest professionals regarding the future of BC forests. The focus is on 1) supporting communities in influencing decision-making regarding the future of their local forests and 2) providing advice to resource managers and regulators regarding actions necessary in moving toward long-term forest stewardship of BC forests as a contributor to community resiliency.

Community resilience – “Community resilience is a measure of the sustained ability of a community to utilize available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations,” RAND Corporation.

HFHC Operating Principles
Submissions must:

  • Be respectful and non-partisan
  • Seek to integrate perspectives on the community needs from BC’s forests in the future, balancing ecosystem integrity and socio-economics
  • Be comments based on supporting evidence, analyses and expert opinion or clearly identified that they are personal opinions
  • Not be developed or presented as a campaign for any single interest