UBCM Forest Policy Decision-making Survey

The UBCM rpt-Forest_Policy_Decision-making survey reports 85 per cent of 66 community respondents reported experiences of inadequate community consultation or engagement by tenure holders regarding forestry decisions. This confirms the views of communities heard during the HFHC dialogue in 2011-2013. “The survey results reconfirm what previous reports have already concluded: forest policy decisions need to be made in an open and transparent manner, based on community engagement and consultation, to ensure that the decisions are in the best interests of the community, the province and the overall sustainability of the forest resource.”

A positive response from Government is problematic based on the track record over the last decade when presented with these concerns. However, communities have an opportunity to address this issue as outlined in the HFHC Community Influence Section on this website. Very few forest companies want to fight with the communities in-which they operate. Adopting the strategy and proposed actions identified in the Section will lead to building positive relations and meeting the community vision and goals relative to the management of their local forests. We don’t have to wait until Government responds!