Minister Donaldson on BC forest vision and goals

Comment-Bill Bourgeois

I identified to Minister Donaldson the need for a legally binding BC vision and goals Letter to Minister Donaldson re vision-goals Although he is supportive of a vision, goals and objectives Letter to Minister Donaldson re vision-goals-response he did not go far enough in supporting the legalization of the statements. As mention in a previous post SFM-what needs to be done to demonstrate status it is nice to have a vision and goals but if these are not reflected in the strategic plans of management units and other decisions, they are just “feel good” statements. Throughout the past three decades this has been the case, probably because the statements are not legally binding and thus not a Ministry or industry requirement to ensure the strategic plans (e.g., Forest Stewardship Plans-FSP) are measured against the statements. Consequently, the vision statements have seldom been used in operations or forest management planning decision-making. We need to continue to push for legalization of the statements as part of the SFM infrastructure.