Priority Actions

Long-term Forest Stewardship priority actions

The “elephant in the room” in regards to moving toward long-term forest stewardship is tenure reform.  However, making the necessary change in this regard would be complex, “messy” and potentially costly.  Consequently, it is most practical to move forward under the current system.

In assessing the needs of moving from a focus on short-term economics to one of long-term stewardship, the following are our priority action areas:

  • Establishing legally binding forest stewardship principles, objectives, vision and goals from which all legislation, regulation and policies must be consistent
  • Providing adequate and transparent compliance and enforcement of forest management practices that build confidence long-term stewardship is not being compromised
  • Applying, area-based landscape level planning using ecosystem management principles and the vision, goals, indicators and targets for each management unit
  • Generating rural community influence regarding strategic forest management decision-making on local forests
  • Re-invigorating the BC forest resources research sector