Teacher resources

K-12 Forest Education Collaborative

There are over 30 organizations across BC who provide specific, focused forest education programs for K-12 students. Twenty-seven of these organizations have committed to work together as a K-12 Forest Education Collaborative communications network with a vision of:

An educated public with sufficient knowledge of the environment and forests to participate in an informed and constructive public dialogue on related issues

The focus of the K-12 Forest Education Collaborative is on:

  • Networking among members
  • Utilizing member resources and networks to advance priority activities
  • Utilizing the HFHC website as a portal for materials and links to the K-12 Forest Education Collaborative and other sources of materials and programs; the portal will function and be seen to be independent of Government and the forest industry
  • Promoting awareness of the success stories of member organizations
  • Communicating to students, teachers, parents and the public regarding availability of opportunities, products and services of member organizations
  • Informing teachers and education decision-makers of the K-12 Forest Education Collaborative asset

The  COLLABORATIVE ORGANIZATION INFORMATION AND LINKS provide contact information and the member details of the K-12 Collaborative products and services  as assistance to teachers.  The k-12-collaborative-accessing-resources is a series of decision-making tables intended to assist teachers in selecting the products and services that best fit their needs.

Access to teacher resources

The Teacher awareness electronic information document provides links to a number of K-12 resources for teachers.

Additional sources 

  • The What’s New posts (Teacher Section), Facebook and Twitter for information on topics of interest to teachers as they arise.
  • Teachers may be interested in the Forests 101 Section for basic understanding of  forests, forest management, BC forest sector and BC wood products sector.