Education Focus

Communities have identified the need to build forestry related knowledge and understanding as an essential factor in both influencing forest lands decisions and generating a forest culture within communities. Citizens concerned about the future of BC’s forests have asked for more information on forests, forest management, land use and the forest industry. This is critical in achieving an informed and engaged public.

HFHC focus is to assist communities in building a forest culture knowledge base so they can provide informed input into strategic, long-term forest stewardship decisions.  This capacity building occurs at both the K-12 student and adult levels.  It comes in various forms as outlined in the Capacity building framework and delivered in part through partnerships with Provincial and local Governments, industry, NGOs and academic institutions across BC.

The HFHC forest education contribution are in the form of:

  • Information to assist K-12 teachers in educating their students about forests and the forest environment (Teachers Section),
  • Basic knowledge directed to lay persons regarding forests management, the forest sector and BC wood products (Forests 101 Section), and 
  • Responses and information regarding long-term forest stewardship topics and issues (What’s New posts Section).

There is a significant amount of information available through websites of various forest oriented organizations and documents from previous capacity building initiatives. Whenever possible, these are provided on the HFHC website. The website has been designed to be a respected, independent “one stop” reference site for laypeople with links to other sites.