Community Dialogue Sessions and expert Background Briefs identified a number of issues and challenges in moving towards the identified forest lands vision.  HFHC is holding a number of workshops (Expert and Community) on each of the key issues and challenges to obtain input into specific action recommendations for decision-makers to address.  The recommendations arising from the Expert Workshops will be discussed in the Community Workshops in the fall of 2012 to obtain community views.  The combination of the input from both workshops on each issue will be used in finalizing the recommendations to decision-makers as part of the HFHC 2012 Activities Report scheduled for early in 2013.

UBC Public Forum Information

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Summary Report for Expert Workshop – Sustainable,  Integrated Resource Management, Held at UNBC October 3, 2012

Summary Report for Expert Workshop – Diversification Development Economic Opportunities, Held at UBC June 26, 2012

Summary Report for Expert Workshop – Monitoring and Assessment Summary, Held at Selkirk College June 13, 2012


Community Dialogue Sessions were held in 2011 in 20 communities across BC to capture the public’s vision for a sustainable future and local-regional issues and suggested actions.  The 2011 Activities Report will be published in January 2012.  The Report will include a summary of the priority issues and suggested actions provided by the attendees in each community.

If your community did not hold a Dialogue Session but would like to provide their input, feel free to send the information through this website.

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