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Establishing a Working Forest-An alternative approach

The forest industry wants fibre security and proposes establishment of a Working Forest designation on a portion of the BC Crown land base.  This is a controversial proposal that has been rejected in the past.  However, the fibre security objective is sound.  A Working forest-alternative approach is proposed while still contributing to community resiliency and consistent with the BC forest renewal vision framework. 

BC Forest Renewal Vision Framework

Government has embarked upon the Revitalization/Renewal of the BC forest sector.  The BC forest renewal vision article provides a rationale, recommendations and implementation suggestions for a Provincial Forest Renewal Vision.  The vision will achieve the Government’s four (4) priority forest renewal goals and provide the infrastructure and necessary strategic regulation and policy actions to move to long-term forest stewardship and create a sustainable wood manufacturing sector that fully utilizes the available BC forest fibre.  Seven (7) infrastructure recommendations and twelve (12) priority strategic regulation and policy recommendations are provided.  The framework vision is intended to both update the current system and more effectively maintain and capitalize on the BC forest asset and subsequently community resiliency.

How do trees talk to one another?

Dr. Suzanne Simard in the TED talk  provides an excellent description of the research work she and her colleagues have done regarding how trees exchange nutrients and awareness of up coming disease attacks through their roots.

Scientific research is intended to inform forest management policy and practices.  Foresters are confronted with many challenges planning and implementing actions to achieve long-term forest stewardship.  The process involves balancing environmental, economic, social and cultural values.  The challenge in the case of the research provided by Dr. Simard should be how to include this knowledge as a serious part of the input into the forester’s decision-making but not necessarily the only component in the decision.

Conservation of Old Growth-opinion

Excluding any intervention in all remaining BC old growth forests OR logging all the remaining old growth are two impractical options that will not contribute to community resiliency or the well-being of British Columbians.  A responsible model is required to meet the objectives of old growth conservation in BC. Components of such a model are presented by Bill Bourgeois in Old growth conservation 

What is Government doing in forestry

There are critics who maintain nothing has changed relative to forest practices since the NDP formed Government while at the same time industry and Government staff continue to mention they are overwhelmed by all the Ministry initiatives.  An investigation identified Government has 10 major on-going forest related initiatives. These are identified in the attached file with associated actions taken or planned. Comments are provided regarding the process being used.

WFP-Huu-ay-aht leadership

Western Forest Products and the Huu-ay-aht First Nations should be congratulated in coming to agreement on a new partnership in TFL 44 ( ). It is not that other companies and First Nations have not developed agreements but this one has the First Nations buying interest (7%) in the TFL and having a say in how it will be managed, especially within their Territory. This partnership has the potential for working together on issues within the TFL that serve to benefit both parties.