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Forests Ontario becomes a Partner – Forest Ontario’s Focus on Forests program brings over 30 years of experience and lesson plans to the K-12 Forest Education Collaborative network.

Forest management systems

The US organization Walk in the Woods forest education organization has produced a useful description of  the various forest management systems that might be of interest to non-foresters.  Although clearcutting and single tree selection are the most common in BC, some foresters have chosen others to best achieve the objectives for the area being harvested. 


Educators’ advice to Premier Clark regarding students and forestry

A number of educators have offered advice to Premier Clark in a the Tyee article Experts Grade Premier’s Forestry Teaching Moment _ The Tyee.  The comments are in response to her comments at the COFI AGM regarding the need for forestry to provide jobs for their parents and money for their hockey equipment, etc.  A message of considering information on both economics and conservation is suggested along with encouraging students to think for themselves.  The suggestions are very consistent with the views presented in HFHC.