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Urban forestry degree at UBC

September 2015 – UBC is launching a Bachelor degree of urban forestry.  Urban forestry is becoming a major topic related to mitigating climate change impacts and generating personal health benefits.

Our Response – Vancouver Sun OpEd Piece

Our initiative responds to Robert Gray’s OpEd piece with a Letter to Editor.

Re: New solutions needed for wildfire woes, Aug. 16

The communities of Kimberly and Cranbrook, with their partners, should be congratulated in coming up with an innovative approach to move towards independence of Provincial Government funding to address their major issue regarding interface area wildfire management. The Government has offloaded the cost and risk of this management to communities. It is only reasonable they encourage and support this type of innovation.

The request by the partnership to modify slightly the boundaries of Crown land adjacent to the two communities is an example of the innovative thinking identified as a challenge arising from the views of BC leaders in forest management ( With the significant reduction in funding for forest management across the province over the last few years, it is critical to find ways to maintain the forest asset and protect communities through innovative solutions. Government should move immediately to accept the request and make the necessary Crown land map changes. Innovation is critical and flexibility by Government is the least they can do to help communities.

Bill Bourgeois
North Vancouver