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Forest management systems

The US organization Walk in the Woods forest education organization has produced a useful description of  the various forest management systems that might be of interest to non-foresters.  Although clearcutting and single tree selection are the most common in BC, some foresters have chosen others to best achieve the objectives for the area being harvested. 


Softwood Lumber Agreement-basic info

I (Bill Bourgeois) have learned over my career in the forest industry that the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) with the US is complex involving detailed legal issues. My view is that if you are not directly involved you should be cautious in what you say due to, in effect, not knowing what you are talking about. However, a basic understanding of the issue is worthwhile. The US lumber broker A&A has published a good basic information piece that might be of interest

Forests critical to BC economy

The forest sector is critical to the BC economy as outlined by Forest Innovation Investments The sector provides 36% of provincial exports, is the primary BC employer, supports 7,000 BC businesses and contributes $2.5B to governments.

How can we maintain these contributions over the long-term without a vision, goals and action plan to maintain the forest asset to provide the necessary timber?

Forest stewardship leadership

Opinion-Bill Bourgeois-The BC forest sector lacks leadership in forest stewardship.  Without this, the sector is being challenged by communities and others as to whether they have the social license to manage the Crown forest.  I have outlined in a BC Foresters Magazine article (Forest stewardship leadership and social license) why there is a need for foresters and communities to assume the leadership role.