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Nova Scotia industry responding to pulp mill closure

The NS forest sector has “…been planning the change for several months” prior to the announcement of the closure of their pulp mill The plan is for actions innovative to the normal Sector way of operating. These are consistent with many proposed actions within BC. BC is being confronted with a timber supply shortage. Are there lessons to be learned from NS?

Wood and Human Health Connection

UBC and FPInnovations has established a link between wood and human health In the study the presence of visual wood surfaces in a room lowered sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation. The SNS is responsible for physiological stress responses in humans. This result opens the door to a myriad of stress-related health benefits that the presence of wood may afford in the built environment. The application of wood to promote health indoors is a new tool for practitioners of evidence-based design.

Multi-class NFW field trips for K-7 classes

The NFW-BC Coalition is encouraging foresters and teachers to hold multi-class field trips as a NFW event to educate K-7 students about forests, forestry and the forest environment. These events focus on a day with multiple elementary classes visiting stops along a trail through the forest to learn about various topics. Examples posted on resources section.
Teachers interested in class participation should contact 

BC Forest management is not a failure!

Restoring Forestry in BC-Comments by Bill Bourgeois on the recent CCPA report by Bob Williams that BC forest management is a failure   Bill strongly disagrees we have failed.  He has problems accepting the proposed new model and responds to major issues outlined in the report and addresses how we can resolve those where agreement exists and others within the current model.