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The series of 20 Community Dialogue Sessions has concluded successfully.  A range of  perspectives were offered from advocates of the forest industry, First Nations, professional foresters and biologists, conservationists, recreationists, youth, current and past provincial and local politicians, and local governments.

Attendees at the Community Dialogue Sessions (CDS) identified the following six (6) priority expectations related to the local-regional forest lands:

  • Communities want more influence on decisions regarding management of local forests
  • Communities want to be better informed regarding state of local forest lands
  • Communities want more diverse economic development opportunities from forest lands
  • Communities want more sustainable, integrated resource management (e.g., forests, mining, agriculture)
  • Communities want better monitoring and assessment of local forest lands management
  • Communities want a high level of stewardship on private forest lands


The summary reports below identify key messages arising from the summer series. If you did not participate in a Session and would like to share your views in advance of the fall series, or if you participated and have further comments, please submit them via email (, Facebook or Twitter.

Summer Sessions (June 2011):

Fall Sessions (September – November 2011):