About HFHC

The community participants in the 2011-2013 Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities: A conversation on BC forests (HFHC) dialogue identified concerns over the future of BC forests. The report can be viewed here. Their concerns remain as relative today as they were in 2013.  A 5 year assessment of the progress in implementing the recommendations is presented in the Long-term stewardship-summary report. Although there have been activities on 82% of the 22 selected recommendations, most of the action appears to be in response to political issues or of limited impact in moving toward the HFHC participants vision and goals for BC forests.

The current priority focus of the HFHC initiative is to provide information and advice in regard to:

  1. Building community resiliency through local forest sector diversification, and
  2. Moving toward long-term forest stewardship through improved practices, land use plans, regulations, policies and research.

Moving toward community resiliency-specific actions includes recommended actions on these topics.

The information and recommendations in these areas are presented in the various sections of the website and through Facebook and Twitter.  The “What’s New” section contains a categorized record of posts on topics.